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1) Connecting Your Box to Tv
You NRI-IPTV Box can be connected to your TV either through RCA or Composite Cables (Red, Yellow and White) or Through HDMI Cable. Then Make sure you select right "Source" or "Input" from your Tv or Tv Control, where you will see NRI-IPTV's sign or program. Input or sourse or A/V or TV/Video button on your tv Control can take you to the apropriate channel, which may be, Video 1, or 2 or so / Input 1, 2, or so / HDMI 1 , 2 or 3/ AV or AV1 or 2 etc.
If you see Black or Black Screen, just make sure your TV is on the right channels, and your cables are connected properly - (if needed you may try another cable). Other thing you can try is changing the HDMI Mode to Composite or vice versa, by pressing the left bottom button on you NRI remote control which says HDMI/CVBS. You may press this button two or three times to make sure.
If it still not working then it might need a Signal Hit from our side - In that case please leave the box connected to power and Internet and just email us at support with your name phone number and Box Serial Number or S/N from the bottom of your NRI-IPTV Box and put "Black Screen" in the subject line. We will try to help you as soon as possible.
2) Connecting your box to internet
There are two ways to do that Connect your NRI-IPTV box with Internet Router through Ethernet or Network Cable (Preffered Way) if it is close enough from your router.
You need a high speed internet connection to run NRI-IPTV Box. Your high speed internet comes with a Modem and you need a router to add to the modem so that you could use multiple equipments (like, Desktop or Laptop Computers, VOIP phone service, Gaming Devices, or other devices like NRI-IPTV Box). Some companies like verizon gives you a modem which has a built-in Router, so if you have multiple ethernet cable connectors (and a small Antenna in the modem) then you do not need a seperate router.
Wireless Connection. If the router is away from the Tv and NRI-IPTV Box then you should connect via Wireless or Wi-Fi Adapter (comes with NRI-IPTV Box - Some models may have built in Wi-Fi Adapter). On the Tv Screen you will see that it shows Wi-Fi connection and it will ask you for the Router Password or WEP Key to conect to the router. You need to highlight the password box - if not already- by moving circular keys on your remote control, and then press "OK" to see the Keypad, which will help you to enter the Password or Key.
If the connection is established you will be ready to play the NRI-IPTV Box.
3) Connected but still not working
There may be following reasons:
You may see Account Expired or Need Recharge. It simply means that you need to register your box. Right now there is no subscription so you do not need to be charged. If you believe you have registered it already and it still has the same message, then press "Retry" on the Tv Screen or completely unplug it from the power and reconnect after 20 seconds. If it still has the same problem then leave the NRI-IPTV Box Connected and just Email us with the subject "Account Expired" and also add your Name Phone Number and Box Serial Number prefferably from your TV Screen or from the Bottom of the Box (if possible just make sure they are same). Emailing us will resolve you issue in better and quicker way. And you will most probably get a response in 10 to 15 minutes but if you do not get any response from us with in 1hr then you can try calling us.
Network not Available: It means it is still not connected to your Internet - Here is what you can do:
(-) Check that Network Cable is connected to the NRI-IPTV box and Router Properly.
(-) Unplug Your Router and NRI-IPTV Box completely from the Power - wait for 20 seconds and then put them back in at the same time or first router and then NRI-IPTV Box.

Telephonic Support
Our telephonic support staff is available to help you. 
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